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With over 30 years of experience, locally-owned family business, Dishman Fabrications & Powder Coating offers commercial & residential solutions.

About Us

Dishman Fabrications & Powder Coating, LLC strives for quality in every job we take on. As a custom powder coating and fabrication shop we able to service a variety of customers from industrial and commercial to residential and walk-in customers.

We specialize in certified aluminum welding via the T.I.G. process and steel via the M.I.G. process. With our 10′ x 10′ x 25′ oven we can handle large items or as many items that will fit for powder coating production runs.


Certified welding of aluminum and carbon steel. Able to weld and/or braze most any metals


Handrails, sheet metal items, ladder racks, create from prints, custom fencing, structural items, etc.

Powder Coating

With our 10' x 10' x 25' spray room and 10' x 10' x 25' oven we are able to coat and cure large and small items in an efficient manner saving time and money.


Able to coat, media blast, weld, and/or fabricate large and small projects in a repetitive and consistent manner to fit larger customer's needs.


Typically consists of most of our work as we are contracted to perform our services from print to real-life products for the end-user.


Ability to refinish items like patio furniture and hand rails or build and install new hand rails or custom fencing.

Media Blasting

We remove all coatings and corrosion where possible to a near white metal substrate (SSPC - SP10) to insure ultimate adhesion for powder coating or other coatings.

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Powder Coating

Residential fabrication and powder coating - Dishman

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Proudly serving Southeastern Coastal Virginia and all of the Tidewater / Hampton Roads area.

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